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The An-Nisaa Group (an Arabic phrase simply meaning “The Women”) is a Walsall based women’s voluntary organisation. The group was established in the late 80's, in a response primarily to provide a culturally/religious sensitive advocacy service for Muslim women. Our main focus is re-educating women with regards to the true traditional teachings of Islam in order for them to become empowered and partake fully with the society at large in all spheres of life. Over the years we have found our role has diversified, where we now cater for referrals from women of different backgrounds and faith. This has involved advocacy roles in the form of liaising with education services, social services and local housing trusts.


The An-Nisaa Group have organised seminar and workshop based approaches on various social issues in an attempt to:

  • improve interfaith working and
  • enhance community cohesion and development.


Upcoming Event: 21st November 2009

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